About ReSTOR and ReZoom

Imagine the ability to see your world as well as you did when you were young, without glasses or contact lenses. Being able to see all you want to see – regardless of how far away or close up you are viewing? Youthful vision is possible with the new Acrysof ReSTOR® and other multifocal intraocular lenses. Based on your lifestyle, our doctors will advise you on which lens is best suited for you.

What Is ReSTOR®?

ReSTOR® provides you with a range of vision without relying on mechanical movement of the lens. Through the use of apodization – a series of small steps built into the optics of the lens – light is smoothly transitioned between near, intermediate and distance focal points. The result is an increased range of quality vision that delivers a high level of spectacle freedom. FDA trial data shows that 93% of patients implanted with the ReSTOR® lens never wear glasses for distance, and 81% never wear glasses for near. Patients in this study averaged 69 years of age, making these results even more impressive.

The ReSTOR® Procedure

The medical procedure to implant the ReSTOR® is the same safe, proven cataract surgery performed annually on over 7 million eyes globally. Over 65 million procedures have been done in the US in the last 25 years.

Typically performed in an outpatient surgical facility, the actual surgery takes less than twenty minutes. In a pain-free procedure, your surgeon will place a few drops in your eye, then use an ultrasonic probe to remove the cloudy lens from your eye. The ReSTOR® lens is then gently placed where your original lens used to be. Once surgery is complete, your surgeon will place additional drops in your eye to prevent infection and decrease inflammation.

Because the opening into the eye is so small, it heals quickly on its own, without any need for stitches.

What is ReZoom™?

The AMO ReZOOM™ IOL uses five concentric refractive zones to create multifocal vision. Zones 1, 3 and 5 are distance dominant. Zones 2 and 4 are near dominant. There is a transition between zones to provide balanced intermediate vision.